We Won!

The votes have  been counted and I am very grateful to say that I won.  The results are as follows:

Don Singer:15,996  votes or 61.64%

Sam Irwin:   9,953 votes or 38.36%.

Like most ventures this success is due to many of  you who assisted me in this campaign by doing such things  as cavassing with me, contributing to  my campaign, giving me names of  other persons to contact, or providing me good advice as to how to conduct the campaign and to all of you I say thank you very much.
I am looking forward to again serving the  20,000 plus students who attend Crafton Hills College or San Bernardino Valley College and working with my Board colleagues and  the staffs of the colleges and District to assist these students in achieving their goals, whether that be to transfer to a four-year university,  obtain a vocational certificate which leads to a good-paying job, or  taking a course or two for personal or  professional  advancement.
Again, thank you all for your  help and now it is on to assisting the students and residents of the San Bernardino Community District as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Singer

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